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Twice a month Intentional Hiking will host a guest speaker on one of 5 themes about hiking with intention.

The real fun will come during the second half where attendees will be split up into groups of three to have a conversation.

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Discussions will be encouraged to focus on tangible actions participants can take regarding hiking with intention and based on the theme.


Most importantly, folks will be encouranged to approach these conversations with curiosity, kindness, and respect


At the end of the event we will all come back together to share takeaways and action items people want to do on their next hike as a result of the topic and dicussion.


All events will be free, but you can choose to support our guest subject matter expert, their non-profit partner of choice, and the host by donating a few dollars during the registration process. 


Overall these events are designed to encourage hikers to be more intentional and thoughtful while hiking and empower action on social and environmental causes.

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