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Wed, May 22



May 22: Carolyn Matthews-Daut

Topic: Paint, Sweat, and Tears: Creating Art on Trail

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May 22: Carolyn Matthews-Daut
May 22: Carolyn Matthews-Daut

Time & Location

May 22, 2024, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM PDT



About the event

Topic: Paint, Sweat, and Tears: Creating Art on Trail

Carolyn Matthews-Daut is an artist and thru-hiker who has been painting in the pen and watercolor ‘plein air’ style for close to a decade before she completed the Appalachian Trail in 2021. Her daily paintings illustrate a story of self-discovery and perseverance through the physical and mental challenges of a long-distance hike. Join this conversation with Carolyn as we learn more about her book: Paint, Sweat, and Tears - 150 Days on the Appalachian Trail, the hows of painting on trail, art as a daily routine, and tips for aspiring thru-hiking artists.


In addition:

  • Have a chance to win giveaways from Gather Nuts
  • Donate money during registration to support WISE, a domestic abuse shelter in New Hampshire 
  • Have a conversation with other intentional hikers about the topic *read more about the conversation code below.

For this event 1/3 of the donations will be given to Carolyn, and 1/3 will be giving to WISE. *Donations will appear as a second "ticket" in your order **Donations are not tax deductible unless made directly to a registered non-profit organization.

About the Speaker

Carolyn Matthews-Daut is an interior designer who discovered her passion for watercolor painting while studying at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Carolyn’s design philosophy is anchored by the tenet that design integrity starts with research; research into culture, community, inherent inequity, and localized sustainable practices. She hopes to be a part of innovative change to our design practices and application by continuing to be inquisitive of her environment, sensitive to the problems inherent in the world, and steadfast in her commitment to making lasting change in her community.


Only register if you can attend this event in person

  • A recording of each event (excluding the conversation portion) will be uploaded to the Intentional Hiking YouTube channel.
  • Each recording will be accompanied by a Conversation Kit which will help you have a discussion on the event's theme with friends and family.

Conversation code

  • Please engage in these conversations with curiosity, an open mind, and respect. 
  • Lead with kindness and compassion. 
  • Listen to understand; not reply. 
  • No judgement, no advice (unless specifically asked for)

Non-profit Partners

  • Each guest can choose a non-profit partner of choice to feature during the event. 
  • Attendees can raise money for the non-profit during the registration process by giving a donation. 
  • Donations will be split evenly between the guest, non-profit partner, and host.

Gear Giveaways

  • Events will feature gear or product giveaways from new or cottage hiking brands. 
  • Need to be present to win.

Event Duration

  • Each event will last between 60-90 minutes

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