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Recap: January 10: American Hiking Society & Partnership for the National Trails System

Thank you to everyone who joined this Intentional Hiking event to learn about Thru-Hiking and Trail Nonprofits: How Trail Improvements Happen and How To Get Involved.

Watch the recording here:

Other notes from the event:

  • You raised $50 for both organizations through your generosity during the event registration. Thank you!

  • The slide decks from American Hiking Society (AHS) and Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) included some very valuable information and tips for how you can advocate for trails on the local and national level (and useful fundraising ideas too!) Download those presentations from AHS here and PNTS here.

  • If you want to learn more about American Hiking Society please visit their website:

  • If you want to learn more about Partnership for the National Trails System visit their website:

  • Hike the Hill is coming up soon! Register for the Virtual Issue Briefings January 22-25.

  • Our Gear Giveaway sponsor Tater Boost is offering all of you a 15% discount on orders (expires 1/31/24). Use INTENTIONALBOOST at checkout for your discount on this delicious savory trail mash.

  • Share your actions by using #intentionalhiking on your social media posts of things you want to do or things you did as a result of hiking with intention.

  • Are you a new or cottage industry gear or hiking brand? Learn more about our giveaway sponsorships by emailing Renee.


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