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Recap June 5: Mandy Bland & Jessica Carrillo Alatorre

Thank you to everyone who joined this Intentional Hiking event to learn about the importance of getting Babies and Kids outside and on trails with OutGrown’s executive director Jessica Carrillo Alatorre and thru-hiker and Purple Rain Adventure Skirts founder Mandy “Purple Rain” Bland

Watch the recording here:

Other notes from the event:

  • You raised $40 for Outgrown through your generosity during the event registration. Thank you!

  • Learn more:

    • About Mandy "Purple Rain" Bland's company Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

    • About Outgrown's programming for young children and families:

      • Turn the Blues Green: Turn the Blues Green, addresses maternal mental health with innovative strategies. It serves as a dynamic tool for new parents, offering vital support in navigating the challenges of early parenthood. This program aims to alleviate the isolation frequently experienced by new parents, fostering a sense of community and connecting them to the natural world from the outset. "Turn the Blues Green" is about nurturing mental well-being and building strong, lasting bonds with nature and fellow parents.

      • Bring it Outside: Bring it Outside is designed to meet families exactly where they are in their journey, supporting diverse ways to engage with the outdoors. This program is more than just activities; it's a year-round initiative offering tools, workshops, and events tailored to family needs. Whether it's through developing innovative outdoor activities or hosting engaging workshops, "Bring it Outside" is dedicated to making nature accessible and enjoyable for all families, fostering a lifelong connection with the outdoors.

      • Hike It Baby: Hike it Baby is a diverse and inclusive community initiative, a core part of OutGrown. This program redefines 'hiking' to encompass a broad spectrum of activities – from playground gatherings and urban walks to traditional trail hikes. Designed to engage all families, our events are led by specially trained hosts who focus on creating a welcoming, inclusive environment. This initiative is committed to fostering community connections and encouraging outdoor exploration for families of all backgrounds.

  • Thank you to our Gear Giveaway sponsor Purple Rain Adventure Skirts!

  • The intro song to this event was 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharp and The Magnet Zeros

  • Share your actions by using #intentionalhiking on your social media posts of things you want to do or things you did as a result of hiking with intention.

  • Are you a new or cottage industry gear or hiking brand? Learn more about our giveaway sponsorships by emailing Renee.


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