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Recap: March 4 - Hiking My Feelings

Thank you to everyone who joined this Intentional Hiking event to learn about the nonprofit Hiking My Feelings and founder Sydney William's new book Hiking Your Feelings...all focused on Finding Your Wellness in the Wilderness.

Watch the recording here:

Other notes from the event:

  • You raised $50 for Hiking My Feelings and $50 for our speaker, Sydney Williams through your generosity during the event registration. Thank you!

  • Learn more:

  • And the full line-up of hikes, workshops, events, and more here.

  • Thank you to our Gear Giveaway sponsor Kula Cloth!

    • We learned some shocking trivia during the gear giveaway...and hint, hint...using a Kula Cloth or other reusable pee-wipe can help bring these numbers down!

      • An average human using a life-time of toilet paper = 384 trees

      • The US uses an average of 34 million rolls of toilet paper a day!

  • The intro song to this event was Green Hills by Alific, featuring Man of the forests

  • Share your actions by using #intentionalhiking on your social media posts of things you want to do or things you did as a result of hiking with intention.

  • Are you a new or cottage industry gear or hiking brand? Learn more about our giveaway sponsorships by emailing Renee.


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