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Recap May 22: Carolyn Matthews-Daut

Thank you to everyone who joined this Intentional Hiking event to learn about Creating Art on Trail with artist and thru-hiker Carolyn Matthews-Daut.

Watch the recording here:

Other notes from the event:

  • You raised $60 for WISE through your generosity during the event registration. Thank you!

  • Learn more:

    • About Carolyn Matthews-Daut and her book: Paint, Sweat, and Tears - 150 Days on the Appalachian Trail

    • About the Arts in the Parks: Art has been part of the history of national parks since the 1870s when Hudson River School painters captured majestic Western landscapes. Through their awe-inspiring works, the public came to see these special places in America for the first time. The works captured their imaginations, spurring them to preserve these lands for future generations. Today art continues to thrive in our national parks. Explore online galleries of works by artists-in-residence and discover the role of parks in telling the story of art.

    • About the Artist-in-Residence Programs: Artists have created art in national parks since the late 19th century when famed Hudson River School painters captured the majestic views of our nation's western parks. Today, the sights and sounds in national parks continue to inspire artists in more than 50 residency programs across the country. There are programs for visual artists, writers, musicians, and other creative media. Programs vary, but residencies are typically 2 to 4 weeks in length and most include lodging. Often artists are invited to participate in park programs by sharing their art with the public.

  • Carolyn referenced other hiking artists you might want to follow. Read this article by The Trek: 10 Incredible Thru-Hiking Artists Inspired by Long Trails.

  • Thank you to our Gear Giveaway sponsor Gather Nuts!

  • The intro song to this event was Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Share your actions by using #intentionalhiking on your social media posts of things you want to do or things you did as a result of hiking with intention.

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