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Recap: March 19: Leave No Trace

Thank you to everyone who joined this Intentional Hiking event to learn about Leave No Trace and hear from Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Team members Jeanelle and Rob about The Four Ps: Pee, Poop, Periods, and Personal Hygiene – Leaving No Trace on the Trail and Why it Matters.

Watch the recording here:

Other notes from the event:

  • You raised $55 for Leave No Trace through your generosity during the event registration. Thank you!

  • Learn more:

  • About Leave No Trace

  • And the full suite of resources here.

  • Thank you to our Gear Giveaway sponsor Magnet Designs!

  • The intro song to this event was Not Harmless by Laura Gibson.

  • Share your actions by using #intentionalhiking on your social media posts of things you want to do or things you did as a result of hiking with intention.

  • Are you a new or cottage industry gear or hiking brand? Learn more about our giveaway sponsorships by emailing Renee.


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